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Get to know about Zion House Intl

Zion House is more than a church, it’s a Life. And when you become part of Zion House, you become part of a new race, with a new life for a new world. God has given us the mandate to set a new order for living in this life. It’s the Spirit revealed in word. It’s a reality of a new life manifested in creating a new order for living in this life. it’s a life that is packaged to give life to nations, ministries and peoples.

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God has given us a supernatural life, Spirit life and indestructible life. This is what we have got to give to the world sharing from person to person, from city to city and from nation to nation. He sent us to


This is a Vision God revealed to the man of God Pastor Chinedum Ilechukwu concerning the life (ministry) in August 9th 2001, some years before we began.

“I see a people with smiles and laughter in their faces, unusually prosperous and at command of every needs of life.

I see families unusually blessed with great children with peace that transcends all understanding.

I see an amazing population of people innumerable as it were and very joyous.

I see the old bubbling as if it were in the days of their youth.

I see oppositions submit themselves cheaply before us.

I see bandits flee before us. I see the lame jumping up on their feet.

I see blind eyes bursting open and the dead being raised as if it were in a drama.

I see an unusual sickness and problem free people. I see unusual love without sectionalism, with opposite sexes carrying each other shoulder high.

I see unusual affection that exists among all. I see righteousness flowing as a stream.

I see sweeping successes as sweeping oceans. I see airplanes, I see cars, I see unbeatable mansions, and I see orphanages.

I see a people like never before in the history of mankind. And at each point I will wonder how these could be, and immediately God will appear as if in a drama and show that he is in control.

And I asked, when shall these be lord? And a voice said to me that god is doing a fast job. He said to me that “as many that delight themselves in me shall  partake of this new move”.

And I saw great men in the society come in and settle down as flocks that lies down in green pastures, and everything was as if it were heaven but yet it is on earth.

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