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Zion Lifeworld Church International aka ZION HOUSE, is God’s vision for the world. We are networking the world with the Spirit Life.

Zion House is more than a church, it’s a Life. And  when you become part of Zion House, you become part of a new race,  with a new life for a new world. God has given us the mandate to set a new order for living in this life. It’s the Spirit revealed in word. It’s a reality of a new life manifested in creating a new order for living in this life. it’s a life that is packaged to give life to nations, ministries and peoples.

We have a global mandate, to gather the great harvest and help the people of the world build an unbeatable future through unusual signs, wonders, miracles and healings by the agency of the Holy Spirit and the word of faith and bringing them into a higher life.

Join Zion House today and watch the Spirit of the Lord become real to you. Not only that, He makes the life real in such a way that others get to know what the word of God really is, by watching the word manifest in your life every second. This is what we share everyday.

We are so passionate about gathering the great harvest as we manifest His life, Spirit Life, indestructible life. We are bound in life to reach billions of people in all the continent of the world.

Zion House,” setting a new order for living” is more than just a statement, it’s God’s vision for the world.